Donald Trump Just Attacked the GOP Debate Audience

February 6th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump faced a choir of boos on Saturday at ABC News' GOP debate after accusing members of the audience of being wealthy donors that support his rival Jeb Bush. The accusation came amid a back-and-forth with the Florida governor over the issue of eminent domain, the right of the government to take away private property for public use.

"By the way, let me just tell you: we needed tickets [to the debate], you can't get them," Trump said. "You know who has the tickets?... Donors, special interests, the people that are putting up the money. The [Republican National Committee] told us. We have all donors in the audience. And the reason they're not loving me is I don't want their money. I'm going to do the right thing for the American public."

"I don't want their money, I don't need their money, and I'm the only one up here that can say that," Trump added as the crowd continued to boo.

Trump has regularly contrasted his campaign with those of other Republican candidates by emphasizing that his is self-funded. Last year, Trump called Bush a "puppet to his donors" and touted the fact that he's turned down millions in campaign donations at the risk of being bought out by outside interests.

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