Free Bernie Sanders Tattoos Are Being Offered Across the Country

February 7th 2016

Kylie Cheung

This week, one Vermont-based tattoo artist had the best possible response to rumors that a New Hampshire tattoo shop would be offering free Donald Trump tattoos: free Bernie Sanders tattoos.

Initially, Tyre Duvernay, tattoo artist and owner of Aartistic Inc tattoo shops in Montpelier and Winooski, Vermont, proposed free Bernie Sanders cover-up tattoos for those who regretted getting Donald Trump ink, according to The Observer. But in order to help Sanders's growing numbers of fans overtly (and permanently) display their support for the candidate, Duvernay decided to make Bernie Sanders tattoos complimentary for all.

The Sanders tattoo features the outline of his signature unkempt hair and thick glasses.

"Here in Vermont, we really do stand behind Bernie Sanders,” Mr. Duvernay told The Observer. “I could’ve offered this without him running for president and people still would have gotten it.” To him, Sanders is the "only logical choice" when it comes to who to vote for. Sanders has been the state's senator since 2007. 

Duvernay's two Vermont-based shops have given about 60 free Bernie tattoos as of Thursday, he told the news site, and according to Duvernay, he has no intention to stop providing this service any time soon.

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Not surprisingly, tattoo studios across the country are following his lead. Shops in Wisconsin, Arkansas, Texas and Georgia have called for permission to use the design, Duvernay said. 

Here's just a few Bernie supporters sporting their new ink, courtesy of the Aartistic Inc Facebook page:

They just keep coming!!!

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