Women and Men Everywhere Are Pulling out Their Boobs to Brilliantly Troll Piers Morgan

February 5th 2016

Taylor Bell

Actress Susan Sarandon and a host of Twitter supporters are trolling Piers Morgan after the former talk show host publicly shamed her for wearing a low-cut outfit at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Morgan called out the actress on Twitter Wednesday, commenting that her outfit was "tacky" and "inappropriate."

Sarandon fired back, posting a photo of herself in a white bra on Thursday.

Then shortly after, the hashtag #cleavage and #cleavagegate starting trending as women — and even some men — started tweeting pictures of their cleavage in solidarity with Sarandon.

People started directing those tweets at Morgan. But the talk show host was apparently happy to receive them — and doesn't seemed to have learned his lesson.

He mockingly re-tweeted posts with the hashtags and encouraged women to send more.