In Case You Missed It, John Oliver Has Some New Year's Wisdom For You

December 29th 2014

ATTN: Staff

John Oliver just resurfaced from a hiatus with his show Last Week Tonight to record a brief YouTube video stating his opinion on New Year's Eve.

"New Year's Eve is like the death of a pet" he said, "you know it's going to happen but somehow you're never really prepared for how truly awful it is." 

Jokes aside, there's an even more important message to remember this upcoming Wednesday night into the early hours of Thursday morning: drive responsibly.

According to data from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, New Year's Day is the second most dangerous driving day of the year after Thanksgiving, with a 42 percent increase in traffic deaths due to intoxicated drivers

So hire a cab/ car service, take public transportation, or make sure you have a designated driver among your friends. 

Or, as John Oliver advises, maybe skip going out altogether?