Four Girls Just Made The Perfect Yearbook Quote To Fight Racism

February 6th 2016

Taylor Bell

Four girls with the same Vietnamese last name are fighting back against racism through a genius high school yearbook stunt.

Alice, Kim, Theresa and Vivian are four seniors who all share the same common Vietnamese last name: Nguyen. But unlike what their classmates assumed, they are not related. To address their classmates' ignorance, the four girls used the captions under their yearbook photos to spell out a simple yet, bold sentence. The girls' location is yet to be confirmed, however, it's believed they are from Australia.

What did the girls say exactly?

Four Vietnamese high school students

The picture was uploaded to Reddit and became one of the top posts on Wednesday. There, people commented on the surname's popularity and history.

Reddit comments

Just How Common is the name Nguyen?

"Given that the global Vietnamese population totals about 94 million people, this means that some 38 million of them answer to 'Nguyen,'" reports the International Business Times.

The popularity of the surname stems back to the history of Vietnam. During both the Chinese rule and Vietnamese dynastic rule over Vietnam, the name 'Nguyen' was either forced upon the public by new regimes or accepted voluntarily.

Other Students Have Done This Before.

The four teenagers apparently got the idea from students in San Jose, California, who banded together at their high school for a similar message, the Daily Mail reports. In 2012, eight students from Presentation High School also used the captions under their yearbook photos to spell out, "We know what you're thinking, and no, we're not related."

High school students