This Intimacy Coach Is Going Viral For Empowering Women With Vaginal Kung Fu

February 5th 2016

Lucy Tiven

Intimacy coach Kim Anami has developed a bizarre exercise regime to empower and improve women's sex lives — vaginal weightlifting. A video of Anami went viral on Thursday, explaining the method and how it allowed her to harness "the power that every woman holds between her legs."

anami spain

According to the holistic sex and relationship coach, vaginal weightlifting can radically improve your health and sex life.

"It strengthens the pelvic floor, it eliminates urinary incontinence, but it also increases their ability to enjoy sex," Anami says. "Women can ejaculate across the room with a strong PC muscle."

women can ejaculate

The vaginal kung fu exercises use "an egg-shaped jade apparatus" with a hole in the middle. A string loops through the hole and attaches to weights and everyday objects. Anami, a world traveler, takes particular delight in lifting exotic location-specific objects such as coconuts and surfboards.

kim anami coconut

“I would say that having a vaginal weightlifting practice gives me and anyone that practices it the best sex of their lives.” Anami declares.

Anami says her coaching methods are influenced by Tantra, Taoism, Osho, and Transpersonal psychology, and that she took her surname from the Sanskrit word for "the unnameable one, the highest plane of God."

You can see more of her vaginal weightlifting feats under the hashtag #thingsiliftwithmyvagina on Instagram, and on her website.

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