Laverne Cox Just Spoke out for the People of Flint, Michigan

January 31st 2016

Ingrid Holmquist

Actress Laverne Cox, made famous by Netflix TV show "Orange is the New Black," showed up at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet ready to talk about more than the designer she wore.

As a successful transgendered woman of color, Cox has historically been an advocate for the LGBT community, but at this particular event, she had another agenda: the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

“I have to give a shout out to the people in Flint, Michigan. We should be donating water. You can make a cash donation to the Flint Water Fund if you go to my Twitter page @Laverne Cox, you can see a link to make a donation and really I think the governor should resign, but that’s a whole other issue,” Cox said to E! reporter Giuliana Rancic on Live From the Red Carpet.

“Sending love to Flint and let’s do what we can and the United States people should have clean drinking water,” Cox said.

To recap, dangerously high levels of lead were found in the water filters in Flint, Michigan. The issue happened after Flint started using the Flint River as a water source instead of the Great Lakes. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder apologized in January for the water issue, telling CBS News that more than 100 children were injured, with testing showing dangerous levels of lead in their blood streams.

A federal investigation is underway and it’s possible that it will be months before the water in Flint is safe to drink again.

Other outraged celebrities spoke out against the deplorable water system in Flint and have used their clout and money to support the people of Flint.

  • Rapper Meek Mill donated 60,000 bottles of water and $50,000 to Flint.
  • Pearl Jam and band associates donated $300,000.
  • Sean "Diddy" Combs started a water drive for Aquahydrate, a company he part owns.
  • Big Sean donated $10,000 and encouraged others to contribute to the relief efforts on his crowdrise site.

Cher called on other celebrities to contribute to the cause.

Laverne Cox isn’t the only celebrity calling on the governor for answers – if not resignation.

Former Flint resident and documentarian Michael Moore even started a petition to get Gov. Snyder not only out of office, but arrested.

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