A Saudi Prince Just Owned Donald Trump in a Hilarious Twitter Battle

January 29th 2016

Lucy Tiven

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal may have just out-trolled Republican front-runner Donald Trump in a heated Thursday night Twitter battle.

Trump initiated the exchange by Tweeting a Photoshopped image of bin Talal with FOX News host and Trump-rival Megyn Kelly, accusing bin Talal of co-owning the network.

The Saudi Prince and business magnate answered stating that he has "bailed Trump out" more than once and linked to a BuzzFeed News article revealing that bin Talal bought Trump's yacht "The Trump Princess" in 1994, when the real estate tycoon was facing $900 million in debt.

This isn't the first time bin Talal has gone after Trump. After Trump called for a ban on all Muslim immigration in December, the Saudi Prince tweeted:

Trump responded:

Bin Talal is one of the most prominent tycoons Trump has done business with in the Middle East, but he is not the only one. As Mic has reported, Trump has profited off many Middle Eastern assets and ventures over the years including Qatar Airways, Dubai's Trump International Golf Club, and hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

"Dubai is a top priority city for us," Ivanka Trump, the Republican front-runner's daughter and executive vice president of development & acquisitions for the Trump Organization told Hotelier Middle East in a May 2015 interview. "We are looking at multiple opportunities in Abu Dhabi, in Qatar, in Saudi Arabia, so those are the four areas where we are seeing the most interest. We haven't made a final decision in any of the markets but we have many very compelling deals in each of them."

Trump's campaign platform and rhetoric revolves around his identity as a no-nonsense business man, and these bailouts suggest that his remarks about American Muslims are not only racist and inflammatory, but fundamentally hypocritical.