One Chart Shows the Terrible Sexist Names Trump Fans Are Calling Megyn Kelly

January 27th 2016

Lucy Tiven

Tuesday night, Republican front-runner Donald Trump rekindled his feud with FOX News Host and debate moderator Megyn Kelly by announcing that he would boycott Thursday's debate because the network refused to replace Kelly with another moderator.

After Trump's announcement, 80,000 Trump supporters took to twitter to attack Kelly in an onslaught of vicious sexist slurs that were charted and analyzed by Vocactiv Wednesday morning.

Chart Measuring Trump Supporters Tweeting Megyn Kelly Slurs

"Bimbo," one of the most popular slurs directed at Kelly, references an August Trump-to-Kelly tweet widely regarded as politically incorrect and offensive.

This is what he said on Wednesday:

Though Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that he will no longer refer to Kelly as a "bimbo," mocking what he calls the "media PC police," that didn't stop his supporters from angrily lashing out at Kelly and embellishing Trump's language with a variety of sexist slurs.

Sexist Trump Supporter Tweet

While Kelly has declined to respond to the majority of his remarks, the Republican front-runner has not held his tongue about his contempt for the FOX host and has often used disturbing sexist language to slam Kelly. Shortly after the first GOP debate, Trump said Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever" in an August CNN interview. In response, many new outlets interpreted the comment as a sexist jab about her menstrual cycle.

As disturbing as Trump's record of hate speech is, the vitriol he inspires in his supporters may be even more alarming, as evidenced in the barrage of sexist slurs tweeted at Kelly in the last 24 hours, many of which targeted Kelly's former marriage and accused her of infidelity.

Sexist Trump Supporter Tweet

The vast majority of Trump supporters' comments about Kelly on social media concerned her appearance and sex life, making use of degrading and gendered language.

Sexist Kelly comment

As ATTN: has reported, Trump has an unsettling history of retweeting shady, racist Twitter accounts including a white supremacist meme outlet most recently.

Trump has bemoaned the media and its standards of political correctness numerous times throughout his campaign, but fails to recognize that online hate speech and harassment is a huge problem faced by many women.

Trump's supporters' statements about Kelly dwell largely in this disturbing realm of sexist slander. What's most disturbing is that the candidate has yet to speak out about their behavior, and arguably encourages it by continuing to voice his distaste for Kelly on social media.