Here Are the Types of Cars Democratic Voters Drive

January 27th 2016

Kyle Jaeger

In less than a week, voters in Iowa will meet at schools, homes, churches, and libraries across the state to cast their vote for their Democratic or Republican presidential candidate of choice. If the voters elect to drive to one of the state's 1,681 precincts, what car they drive can speak volumes. As far as Democratic voters are concerned, the type of car they take to the polls may be an indication as to who they'll be voting for.

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A recent poll conducted by the research consulting firm Douglas Fulmer & Associates asked prospective caucus-goers not only who they intended to cast their vote for — but also what kind of car they drive. The results reveal clear divides between supporters' vehicular preferences.

(The percentages cited below refer to the amount of voters polled per car type — for example, nearly 58 percent of voters who drive SUVs are Clinton supporters, and a little over 56 percent of electric car drivers prefer Sanders.)

Here's a list of vehicles supporters drive, per Democratic candidate.


Hillary Clinton

1. SUV - (57.7%)


2. Sedan (51.6%)


3. Coupe/Convertible (43.5%)


Bernie Sanders

1. Electric (56.3%)


2. Hatchback/Station wagon (51.1%)

station wagon

3. Motorcycle (50%)


Martin O'Malley

1. Coupe/Convertible (13%)


2. Motorcycle (12.5%)


3. Minivan (9.8%)


Take from this list what you will.

In this poll — which was conducted for Monmouth College between January 18 and 19 — the research firm collected information from 570 Democratic voters in Iowa about their demographic background, primary method of transportation, and what region they resided in within the state.


Sanders had an overwhelming amount of support from those who drove electric cars, which could be interpreted as a reflection of his support from environmentally minded constituents in Iowa. He also a majority of support from motorcyclists.

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Clinton, by contrast, appears to have supporters who drive more practical vehicles: SUVs, sedans, and coupes. And O'Malley has a fair mix of both, with both motorcycle and coupe drivers represented in his potential voter base.