The Little Girl Who Loves Trump

January 26th 2016

Alex Mierjeski

GOP front runner Donald Trump is dominating the polls and as a new viral video shows, his support runs all the way down to demographics who aren't even able to vote yet.

In a video posted online, 9-year-old Maine resident Ava can barely contain herself when she learns she'll get to see the business mogul-cum-popular political candidate in person in New Hampshire.

"Guess what we're going to do on Monday?," the girl's mother asks in the video. "We're going to see Donald Trump in person in New Hampshire!"

Ava lets out a string of exclamations before breaking down into what can only be described as tears of pure, uninhibited excitement at the prospect of meeting, nay, simply seeing the candidate.

"I love you, Trump!" Ava screams in between sobs.

The video—besides being absurd and comedic in the way any depiction of politicians' fan-boys and fan-girls can be—illustrates the highly fraught nature of opposing online political sentiments, especially those surrounding the contentious character of Trump, whose many off-the-cuff comments, Twitter rants, and blunt, often disparaging remarks have consistently stirred up controversy.

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"Indoctrinating a young, innocent child with bigoted ideas? Oy vey, take this video down! These parents ought to be locked up for child abuse," read one comment, according to the Daily Mail.

"Anyone disliking this video seriously needs to rethink what they are doing in life. It's literally a little girl getting so happy that she cries," read another.

A third sought to give advice to the video's owners: "I highly recommend disabling comments on this video before the liberals say nasty things about you and your daughter."

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Earlier in January, another excited Trump supporter made the rounds in a photo taken from a rally in Massachusetts.

And in 2014, a 10-year-old Denver girl named Macy Friday drew national attention after a photo of her meeting Hillary Clinton made the rounds.

Macy Friday