Blizzard 2016 Is Getting Crazy

Many people are taking to social media to share photos of Jonas, a massive storm impacting more than a dozen states this weekend. The storm, which many are describing as #blizzard2016 on social media, has already resulted in around thousands of flight cancelations and six deaths, according to The New York Times. The storm is expected to continue in New York until late Saturday night, according to AccuWeather.

The deaths have been attributed to dangerous road conditions and icy weather, as officials are continuing to warn people about the dangerous weather conditions. 

“I would just really emphasize to people the hazardous nature of the storm,” Patrick Burke, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in College Park, Maryland, told The Times.

District of Columbia mayor Muriel Bowser told NBC News that the storm has "life and death implications" and that residents of D.C. should recognize that.

"We see this as a major storm," Bowser said. "It has life and death implications. And all the residents of the District of Columbia should treat it that way."

There have been winter advisories and warnings in more than 20 states spanning from New York to Kansas. This impacts more than 85 million people, approximately "more than a quarter of the U.S. population," NBC News reported.

These are some of the photos and reactions from across the country:










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