Dr. Evil Returns to Saturday Night Live to Take On North Korea

December 22nd 2014

ATTN: Staff

Mike Myers dusted off the Dr. Evil character on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. You see, Dr. Evil has a beef with North Korea and Sony, saying the two two sides in the hacking scandal failed to live up to the high standards of evil he claims they had already set for themselves.

In case you've been under a movie-theater sized rock for the last week, here's a refresher: Sony canceled the Christmas Day release of The Interview, a movie depicting the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, after hackers, who are connected to North Korea according to the FBI, devastated the company by stealing and leaking troves of company information, including executives' emails, employee Social Security numbers, and lists of employee salaries.

On a serious note, the Sony situation has raised important questions about our value system. Do we value the First Amendment over safety? Should media outlets report on hacked material? We covered those questions this week. President Obama even waded into that debate by saying he thought Sony's decision to pull the movie was a mistake.

The president also raised an interesting question when he said that he never spoke to Sony about the decision to pull the film. Sony CEO Michael Lynton, however, says that the company had been speaking with the White House. Is it possible no one talked? We covered that question as well.