NFL Makes $9 Billion a Year.. Cheerleaders? Practically Nothing

September 4th 2014

Lindsay Haskell


As politicians debate whether the minimum wage is livable or not, another question has surfaced – what about those who do not even make the federal minimum wage? A recent lawsuit filed against the National Football League (NFL) by two former Oakland Raiders cheerleaders brings to light the disturbing fact that the most lucrative sports league in the world refuses to pay some of its employees more than $125 dollars per game, despite the dozens of hours a week they dedicate to training.

It may seem easy to lose sight of the women who make the choice to cheer on the main attraction – the football teams – but does that mean they don't deserve to be compensated for the many hours of practice they put into their work?

The most appalling aspect of this development is the NFL's declaration that they do not have to adhere to state labor laws. This loophole exists because the California Supreme Court ruled that players cannot file antitrust claims against their teams. This is despite the fact that the NFL made $9 billion in revenue last year.

These women will hopefully take this opportunity, and their already prominent spot in the limelight, to continue to push for their rights. Not only for themselves, but for the many younger people who look up to them and need to know that they deserve to be paid for their work and that their dreams do not have to mean being exploited for their skills.

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