The Surprising Reason El Chapo Was Caught

January 9th 2016

Taylor Bell

Joaquin Guzman, the notorious drug Lord known as "El Chapo," was recaptured on Friday thanks largely in part to the Mexican navy, but also because of his movie aspirations, according to reports.

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New details emerged Saturday that the leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel was in the process of making a biopic film about his life, when word reached Mexican officials which led them back to Guzman's safe house, according to Mexico's Attorney General Arely Gomez, NBC reports.

Gomez said an "important aspect that allowed us to locate him was that we discovered Guzman's intention to make a biographical film, for which he established contact with actresses and producers," Agence France Presse reports

"The follow-up work allowed us to document meetings between attorneys of the now-detainee and these people," Gomez continued.

In a statement Mexican navy said that marines, acting on a tip, raided a home in Los Mochis, Mexico, early Friday. A shootout ensued, leaving five suspects dead, six others arrested, and one marine wounded. The marine's injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Guzman's recapture is being heralded, since he has eluded capture before. As ATTN: previously reported, Guzman has escaped from two federal maximum security prisons in Mexico after being arrested on charges of murder and drug trafficking in 1993. His first escape occurred in 2001, when he was able to bribe prison officials. He was re-arrested in February 2014, but escaped through an elaborate, underground tunnel system in July 2015.

Gomez that said Guzman was being sent back to the maximum-security prison Altiplano, from where he escaped last year through a tunnel dug into a shower stall, AP reports.

El Chapo Captured

BREAKING: Mexican authorities present “El Chapo” to the press for the first time since Friday's arrest. He will be transferred to Altiplano Prison – where he escaped from six months ago

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