My Response to the Brave Woman Kicked Out of The Donald Trump Rally

January 9th 2016

Marwa Balkar

When I went viral for my open letter to Donald Trump, I was receiving countless messages from people calling me a "hero" and an "inspiration." But after seeing the Trump rally Friday night in Rock Hill, South Carolina, I realize just how undeserving I am of those titles.

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While I exhibited “bravery” by raising awareness of Islamophobia through Facebook, Rose Hamid took a more courageous approach. Hamid caused a dramatic scene at the rally in the most expected way.

What did she do? She stood up, silently, calmly, whilst wearing a shirt that read “Salam. I come in peace.”

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Rose Hamid's acts are purely heroic, and not just because she stood in the presence of Trump to make her statement, but because she did it in a crowd of people who yelled discriminatory remarks at her. Hamid put herself in a potentially dangerous environment to shed light on a simple fact: The religion she represents proudly is a religion of peace.

This Muslim woman was just kicked out of a Donald J. Trump rally for trying to prove Muslims are peaceful. Read more here: http://attn.link/1mLgFYbLike ATTN: on Facebook.

Posted by ATTN: on Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rock Hill Police Department Major Steven Thompson told CNN that apparently “anybody who made any kind of disturbance' should be escorted out." But how ironic is it that the person who stood in silence, with no sense of aggression, was the one to be escorted out?

She was unjustifiably removed from the rally. This, and several of the other Islamophobic statements Trump has made, have all come to show one thing: Trump’s cowardice. He wants to battle these “radical Islamic terrorists,” but can’t seem to face a peaceful person of the Islamic faith. After Hamid was escorted out, Trump said, “it’s their hatred, it’s not our hatred.” That is a damaging statement. That is saying, because that woman is Muslim, she is not me, she is not America. There is no “their” when referring to an American Muslim. We are included in the “our,” and there is nothing Donald Trump, or his supporters, can do to change that.

There are roughly 3.3 million American Muslims. And as Donald Trump throws his words around carelessly, it's without contemplating what effects can come of them. In the video of the rally, you can see Hamid being verbally attacked by the shameless crowd. If they act that way in front of national television, I worry what their behavior is like when the rest of the country isn’t watching. Then Trump, instead of calming the crowd, adds fuel to the situation. This fearmonger has no place as a leader of this beautifully diverse country. Donald Trump, let’s make America great again. Let’s make America tolerant again.

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