These Pictures of Disney Princesses Breastfeeding Show How Normal It is to Breastfeed

January 8th 2016

Omri Rolan

2016 is quickly shaping up to be the year breastfeeding in public becomes mainstream.

Last year gave us mothers breastfeeding on Santa's lap, viral social media posts advocating for the normalization of breastfeeding, and celebrities rising to the occasion and becoming spokespeople for the right of mothers to feed their babies wherever they damn please.

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Today, BuzzFeed Illustrator Loryn Brantz took the cause to the next level with hilarious photos of Disney Princesses breastfeeding in public.

1. Ariel


Here's Ariel (somehow walking on land with her mermaid tail) breastfeeding next to a man who is not losing his shit over a boob.

2. Belle


Belle's couldn't wait until she got home to feed her baby who has beast-like tendencies. Good thing she didn't have to because feeding your child is not something you need to do in hiding.

3. Jasmine


Jasmine is eating at a restaurant. So why should her baby have to wait until she gets in the car (or magic carpet) to eat?

4. Mulan


Let's be real, Mulan is the ultimate Disney feminist. So it's no wonder she's showing her dude that the real way to be a man is to be comfortable with the natural process of a mother feeding her child.

5. Pocahontas


Pocahontas was probably on her way to do John Smith's bidding again when their kid got hungry. As a child of John Smith, this baby has been taught to take what he wants, when he wants it... and he wants food. Right now.

Like these Disney Princesses, mothers everywhere are fighting to end the double standard that has been placed on women's breasts. Why should we be able to plaster breasts on advertising to sell products, but not use them for their biologically intended purposes?

Feed on, ladies! 2016 is a whole new world for boobs.

You can follow the illustrator of these amazing images, Loryn Brantz, here.

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