Matt McGorry Just Stood up for Ellen Degeneres and Against the Objectification of Women

January 8th 2016

Taylor Bell

"How To Get Away With Murder" star Matt McGorry just unleashed a series of tweets in response to talk show host Piers Morgan's claim that women are hypocrites when it comes to sexism. 

It all started when Morgan criticized comedian Ellen DeGeneres for showing a picture of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth during her acceptance speech as a "Favorite Humanitarian" at the People's Choice Awards.

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"Ellen DeGeneres is a sexist pig!" Morgan wrote in a Daily Mail article. "Yes, it's true. The queen of America's daytime television is a shameless objectifier of male torsos. This was proven right last night with her outrageous performance at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles... I was disgusted. In fact, I have never been so offended by anything in my life. Seriously."

He added:

"Chris Hemsworth has spent his entire adult life working incredibly hard to be a successful thespian. He deserves to be treated with respect, not like a slab of tasty meat."  

His comments caught the attention of actor Matt McGorry. 

And what follows is a string of 10 tweets where McGorry dismantles Morgan's argument. In short, McGorry says that Morgan fails to understand the context in which women have been systematically treated. News flash — it hasn't been good.

This is not the first time that McGorry has come to the defense of women and feminism.

As ATTN: previously reported McGorry has supported the #FreeTheNipple movement, a movement that calls out the double standard of censoring women's nipples and not those of men. He's also appeared in a public service announcement, along with other celebrities, for the White House to highlight the importance of sexual consent. In addition, he's expressed support and praise for actress and beloved feminist Emma Watson, whose speech he credits for helping him fall in love with feminism.

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Now, Morgan did say he was only joking. He admitted that he wasn't really offended at DeGeneres. However, he didn't like the fact that men face a double standard when they do the same thing. Morgan used the example of cricket star Chris Gayle who made a pass at female reporter during a sideline interview. Shortly after that interview the public greatly criticized Gayle as being sexist. Although Morgan says he doesn't support sexism, he said that he believes it is not fair that only men often get so quickly vilified anytime sexism is displayed.

"Sexism, in all its myriad guises, is a bad thing--let's all agree on that," Morgan wrote. "But so is hypocrisy. It's time for women to either view male humor in the same way they view their own, or to be as indignant with themselves as they are with men when they feel that the line gets crossed."

Morgan, who appeared to be unmoved by McGorry's tweets, responded by tweeting this: