Amazing Mom Had the Best Reaction to Her Son's Drag Dreams

January 7th 2016

Taylor Bell

Most parents wouldn't know what to do if their son asked them for a drag makeup tutorial. But one mother had the perfect response.

She took her 8-year-old son, Ethan, to MAC Cosmetics — the mecca of all makeup stores — so he could be made up like his idol, Jeffree Star, an entertainer and makeup artist known for his gender-bending persona and extravagant makeup. Joey Killmeyer, the MAC makeup artist who helped Ethan, took to Facebook on Sunday to describe Ethan's visit.

The Facebook post has since been removed, however, here is screenshot below. Ethan and MAC makeup artist

"I did one side of his face and he did the other. He did soooo great. He is a very talented guy. And I expect he will be a great artist in life," Killmeyer wrote in a post that has been shared nearly 2,500 times.

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Here's a look at Jeffree Star, Ethan's inspiration:


A photo posted by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on


What really affected Killmeyer, though, was the response from Ethan's mother.

"But I was so touched that his mom said I gave him confidence in letting him be himself," Killmeyer wrote. "And it truly was meant to be that I worked today. It shows me the world is changing from when I was his age and that there is hope for kids who are different. And whether he is gay or not who knows."

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The issue of defying gender stereotypes and embracing gender-less identities has become more prevalent. Recently, toy manufacturer Mattel shattered gender stereotypes by featuring a boy in their latest Moschino Barbie commercial, and Jaden Smith, son of actor Will Smith, appeared as the face of a womenswear campaign for Louis Vuitton.