Here's How Much an Average Haircut Costs You Around the World

January 4th 2016

Laura Donovan

Financial services company, UBS recently released data on the most expensive and cheapest places to get haircuts around the world, and much of the time, women seem to pay more no matter where they live.

UBS analysts looked at haircut services, among other services, in big cities throughout the globe and determined a pattern between prices and local wages. Zurich, Geneva, and New York City had some of the highest haircut costs for men and women alike, and these cities also had higher gross salaries. Even so, the findings revealed that women all over the world are still paying more for haircuts than men. As Business Insider's Elena Holodny and Andy Kiersz previously noted, "that means a woman might end up paying more for a haircut in a relatively cheaper city than a man in a relatively more expensive city."

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UBS chief economist Andreas Höfert told Business Insider that men can get their hair cut nearly 20 times in Nairobi, Kenya for the price of a single woman's haircut in Oslo, Norway — where the average woman pays close to $100 for just one cut. Business Insider used UBS data to compile the two charts below revealing women's and men's haircut costs in many international cities:

Haircut costs for women all over the world

Haircut costs for men all over the world

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"In Jakarta and Hong Kong, women pay on average almost the same as men, whereas in Dublin and Cairo, the price for women is almost three times higher than for men," Höfert told Business Insider. "This imbalance is seen across the globe, with women's haircuts costing on average 40 percent more than men's."

It's no surprise that women pay more for cuts across the board.

In the U.S., the average man spends just under $30 for a haircut while the average woman spends $44 for a haircut, according to mobile payment services company Square. Nationwide, a woman's haircut is 50 percent more than a man's haircut.

Square also found that Minneapolis is the cheapest place for men to get their hair cut at $31, while they can spend just under $50 for the same thing in San Francisco.

Haircut costs in the U.S.

Square collected this data from barbers that use its services, so as pointed out by GQ writer Mike Hofman, it's important to keep in mind that these barbers "are a self-selecting group and their clientele may be more affluent." It's common, however, for women to pay more than men for the same goods.

The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs recently released an extensive local survey that looked at nearly 800 products with male and female marketing approaches and found that women's products were on average 7 percent more expensive 42 percent of the time than products geared towards men. Less than 20 percent of the time, men's products were more expensive.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the time that the price differences reflected gender discrimination and that "the findings of this study are insult to injury for female consumers."

Can you see a difference in the prices?

"The women's products that cost more range from the interchangeable — razor blades and pink (vs red) toy scooters — to the slightly altered — jeans and polo shirts," ATTN: previously reported. "Those slight differences in price cost women 'thousands of dollars more than a man to purchase similar products' over the course of her life, the study reads."

You can see some examples of those price differences below:

Gender Pricing in New York City

H/T: Business Insider

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