Congressman Who Blocks D.C. Pot Measure Now Faces A Major Backlash

December 16th 2014

Matthew Segal

"Blacklist Andy Harris!" It's now a tumblr blog, a series of posters and resistance movement, spreading ubiquitously throughout Washington DC. One bike shop has even outright banned him, with a sign on their door saying "Not Welcome." 

Local bike shop in solidarity!

But who again is Andy Harris?

As we reported last week, Andy Harris wants to kill legal marijuana in Washington, D.C.:

Republican Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland led the charge to overturn the will of D.C. residents by inserting language into Congress' spending bill that prevents Washington, D.C. from implementing the referendum that legalized recreational marijuana. That referendum, by the way, passed with 71% of the vote last month.

"This is just a little political protest that we have here, and we think in general this is a sentiment that is District-wide," Brian Ward, the sales manager at Capital Hill Bikes, which banned the Congressman told WTOP. "It's not even just about Initiative 71 but more generally speaking about how Congress likes to stick their noses in the District's affairs."

A new poster option. What do you think?

The Tumblr blog says:

My fellow Washingtonians, Rep. Andy Harris doesn’t give a damn about District residents or our rights, so let’s blacklist him! We can generate and distribute signs/stickers/posters with his face, words like “Persona non Grata” (or something similar), and ask local businesses to display them. We could also put up signs with similar messages all around the District.

Want to tell Rep. Harris you disagree with him? Click here to tweet at him.