Hispanic People Are Calling B.S. On Hillary Clinton's Voting Stunt

December 22nd 2015

Omri Rolan

Ay dios mio! Hillary Clinton is receiving major backlash from the Hispanic community after attempting to connect with voters through a new post on her official site that left many Latinos feeling like...

As The Hill reports, the presidential hopeful posted an article titled "7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela" on Monday. If you don't speak Spanish, or Spanglish, abuela means grandmother. 

The post begins by detailing Clinton's love for her granddaughter and continues to list reasons "seven more ways Hillary is just like your grandmother." More specifically, your Hispanic grandmother.

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A few notable items from the Clinton group's list include:

  • That Hillary "worries about children everywhere"
  • That she demands "el respeto" (respect)
  • That she'll read to you before bedtime (LOL)

And that she "and she had one word for Donald Trump …"

The grand finale of the post is a photo of Clinton with Latin superstar Marc Anthony, accompanied by the caption: "Everybody loves abuela—even this guy."

Hillary and Marc

Though the post is seemingly well intended, the comparison of Hispanic grandmothers to non-Hispanic Hillary rubbed many members of the Latino community the wrong way, resulting in trending hashtags #NotMiAbuela and #NotMyAbuela 

Twitter also called the Clinton campaign out for changing the headline of the post once the #NotMiAbuela hashtag started gaining traction

Lo siento, Hillary. Better luck next time.

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