This Video Powerfully Illustrates The Real Winners and Losers in Congress' New Spending Bill

December 16th 2014

ATTN: Staff

We've already covered a few elements of the spending bill that the House and Senate just passed this weekend, now awaiting President Obama's signature. But our friends at Represent.Us just made a video that conveys many of the most problematic portions of the bill, specifically the areas where lobbying and political money were most likely to affect outcomes. 

With the length of the spending bill surpassing 1600 pages, it's easier for members of Congress to sneak in riders and amendments. Add in the fact that this bill has to get passed to avert a government shutdown, and members are even more pressured to lose little battles in order to win the war. 

The bits and pieces pointed out by the video are only the tip of the iceberg, the worst of the worst so to speak. They include increasing military funding to levels not seen since the beginning of the war in Iraq, huge cuts to food stamps and school lunch programs, the nullification of the democratically passed legalization of marijuana in Washington, DC (though that may still backfire on them), the language that a team of Citigroup lobbyists wrote that would severely limit the scope of the Dodd-Frank Act, and the big whammy, raising the limit on individual contributions to political campaigns to over $300,000, which was slipped in on page 1599 of 1603. 

The bill took multiple votes in the House, where it was tied for a long time before finally getting the majority, and 40 members of the Senate voted against the spending bill in a special session on Saturday night.