A Banksy of Steve Jobs Just Popped up in a Refugee Camp

December 11th 2015

Omri Rolan

A mural of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs popped up in a refugee camp known as "The Jungle" in Calais, France.

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Banksy camp

Though there have been many copycats and false calls before, this graffiti art is an official Banksy, as confirmed by the anonymous artist's official website.

The image, depicting Steve Jobs holding an Apple computer and a black sack, appeared on the site with the caption "The son of a migrant from Syria."

Banksy Jobs

Many pro-refugee advocates use the argument that Jobs' biological father was a Syrian migrant to argue that our society would not be where we are today without an open door policy toward immigrants.

Usually not one for words, Banksy said in a statement:

"We're often led to believe migration is a drain on the country's resources but Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian migrant. Apple is the world's most profitable company, it pays over $7bn a year in taxes - and it only exists because they allowed in a young man from Homs."


"The Jungle" is a migrant encampment that was in the news recently after a massive fire broke out within it's borders after the attacks on Paris last month. It's suspected that the fire was started by an anti-refugee group that was unhappy with the immigrant occupancy living in the area.

Besides his recent addition, other official Banksy works have been depicting the plight of the refugee crisis.



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