Canada Gets an A+ for This Newspaper Cover

December 10th 2015

Kyle Jaeger

On Thursday, 150 Syrian refugees entered Canada as part of the country's plan to accept 25,000 people fleeing civil war and religious and political persecution. And those refugees got a warm welcome from the most-circulated newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star.

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"As 150 refugees land at Pearson today—among the first of 25,000—on behalf of the Star and our readers, we say welcome to Canada," the headline reads.

Toronto Star

The cover has been shared across social media, offering a message that stands in stark contrast the the anti-refugee sentiment that has spread throughout some parts of the U.S., which have proposed bans on Syrian refugees in response to the attacks in Paris last month. 

In October, Canada held a major federal election that put Islamophobia in the spotlight, with Incumbent Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper stoking fears about violent extremism in a last ditch effort to recover supporters, Vox reports. He lost the election to new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has embraced refugees.

Scotland's newspaper, the National, also published a cover that welcomed the first round of 100 refugees that entered the country last month.

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Meanwhile, a U.S. federal judge had to dismiss a request by Texas for a restraining order to block nine Syrian refugees entry to the state on Wednesday. "This is the second attempt by Texas to seek immediate court help to halt the refugees, with Texas saying the U.S. government had not met its legal obligation to consult with local officials about the resettlement," Reuters reports.