These Muslim Protesters Have an Interesting Response to ISIS

December 7th 2015

Taylor Bell

Hundreds of Muslims held a rally outside the White House condemning the recent terror attacks and the Islamic State, on Sunday. 

In what was originally just an annual ritual to honor their spiritual forefather, Imam Hussein, hundreds of Shiite Muslims held a peace march from Dupont Circle to the White House, as a way to hopefully erase the stigma that has become associated with their religion. During the march people were singing and praying—one marcher even handed out Krispy Kreme donuts to strangers passing by, the Washington Post reports.

According to PressTV, demonstrators held signs that read: "American Shia Muslims stand with the victims of San Bernandino," "Muslims against ISIS," and "Americans unite against Wahhabi terrorism."

Following the terror attacks in Paris and the recent shooting in San Bernardino, California that left 14 people dead, Muslims have been trying to effectively counter Islamophobia and condemn terrorism by introducing hashtags like #TerrorismHasNoReligion, #NotInMyName, and most recently #YouAintNoMuslimBruv, which started trending in the aftermath of a knife attack in a London metro station.

"What’s happening now is we feel even more compelled to come out of our homes,” rally participant Zehra Raza told the Washington Post. "Some [Muslims] were afraid but I think this is the perfect time to come out and stand with people who are oppressed. ISIS is the same as what Hussein was fighting 1,400 years ago."

The rally's organizer, Adil Rizvi, spoke to D.C.'s local radio station WTOP about the significance of people banding together to condemn terrorism.

"It has to stop and the only way it can stop is all walks of life, all religions, all creeds come together and denounce it," Rizvi said.

In an address to the nation on Sunday, President Barack Obama not only discussed the government's plans to take down the Islamic State and terrorism, but also, emphasized the importance of separating Islam and Muslims from the violence of terrorism.


Pres. Obama just clarified several misconceptions about Islam.1. ISIL does not represent Islam.2. The overwhelming majority victims of terrorism are themselves Muslims.3. Muslims are our neighbors, our sports heroes, and our men and women in uniform.Read his whole speech here: http://attn.link/1TuNdzB

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