5 Apps for the Procrastinator in Your Life

December 12th 2015

Diana Crandall

Regardless of where you stand in life — whether you’re student or professor, boss or worker bee, team leader or entry level associate — you could be a procrastinator.

Just because you put things off to the last minute doesn't mean you don't get them done. John Perry, a professor emeritus at Stanford University, openly admitted his procrastinating tendencies and said he was proud of them, Business Insider reported.

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Perry described his procrastination as “structured”: When he's avoiding a task, he's completing another one. "Most of us tend to be perfectionists," he told Business Insider. "The problem is when we get a task, we want to do the best job that's ever been done. Procrastination is a way of giving yourself permission not to do a perfect job, because usually a perfect job isn't required.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to help you manage your procrastinating tendencies. Here are a few:

1. Due

Due is an app that lets you tap down your tasks and organize them quickly. You can also set reminders and manage events. It’s available for iPhones and iPads, but, unfortunately, it isn’t free.




TickTick isn’t your parents' to-do list. It has dozens of features, such as the ability to convert an email into a to-do list or sync your Gmail calendar with your Android, iOS, or web calendar. It can also send you location-based reminders or back up your to-do lists so you can’t ever lose them.

3. Google Keep

Who runs the world? Google. But nobody can deny they make some time-saving products. Google Keep acts as your technological sticky note. Besides allowing you to jot down notes, ideas, and reminders, it also lets you attach photos and voice memos that it automatically transcribes, and allows you to color-code each note.

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Because your notes get synced across devices, you can access them from anywhere.

4. Omnifocus

OK, this is for people who make bank and have some serious s--t to get done. Omnifocus Pro costs $40, but allows you to toggle between tasks, reminders, locations, multitasking, and sharing. You can also hook it up to your Apple watch so that you are literally wearing whatever it is you need to do everywhere you go.

Even if you sit back, have a drink, and relax, you’ll glimpse an event reminder on your wrist from the corner of your eye. It's for iOS operating systems.

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5. Do It (Tomorrow)

The creators of this app know that planning is a bummer. If you seriously can’t get to your task today, well, just do it tomorrow. It’s free for iOS and Android operating systems.

Do It (Tomorrow)

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