Bill Nye Just Schooled Donald Trump and Climate Change Deniers

December 2nd 2015

Diana Crandall

A historic meeting is taking place in Paris right now. In one of the largest gatherings of world leaders in history this week, the group is discussing what actions countries can take to stop the global issue of climate change, the New York Times reports.

But there are still many who don’t believe that climate change is real, or don’t believe that it’s accelerated by human beings. Bill Nye knows this better than most; he is often called on national television to argue with climate change deniers. This time he took on Donald Trump.

In a recent interview with Leonard Lopate on the radio station WNYC, Nye threw punches directly at Trump and other people who deny climate change.

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“Bring it on,” Nye said. “That’s what I say to the climate change deniers. You can attack me, but the climate’s still changing, and now you’re in a minority of people who deny it.”

Does Bill Nye think the climate change conference in Paris will make a difference?

When it comes to the Paris talks, Nye told Lopate he’s only “somewhat optimistic.” He’s more excited about the fact that a recent CBS News poll revealed that the majority of Americans recognize climate change as a real problem.

“The big news for me today is that 53 percent of the U.S. populous now accepts that humans are causing global climate change,” Nye said to Lopate.

“So if the U.S. is leading the world in addressing climate change, then I think things can happen in Paris.”

President Barack Obama's message about climate change in Paris

“Our nations share a sense of urgency about this challenge, and a growing realization that it’s within our power to do something about it,” Obama said in an address to the UN in Paris.

“I’ve come here personally as the leader of the world’s largest economy and the world’s second largest emitter to say that the U.S. not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it.”

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Obama pledged to cut total emissions in the U.S. by approximately 26 to 28 percent by the year 2030, Lopate reports, though Obama faces opposition from Republicans in Congress, including Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, who says Obama’s plan would cost thousands of American jobs and raise electricity costs.

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"Commitments the president makes [in Paris] rest on a house of cards of his own making," McConnell wrote on Nov. 27 in a fiery op-ed published in the Washington Post.

Why Bill Nye believes climate change deniers don’t matter anymore

Nye told Lopate that it doesn’t matter what McConnell or other climate change deniers say.

“Knock yourself out, Mitch, but the rest of the world wants to make changes, and now apparently, Mr. McConnell et al. are now in the minority.”

Nye and John Oliver, a comedian and host of the show “Last Week Tonight,” have a specific method of dealing with people who don’t believe in climate change. Check it out below.