Passengers Band Together to Help Muslim Woman on Train

November 25th 2015

Taylor Bell

As Muslims are facing prejudice and anti-islamic sentiments in both politics and in the media, a few good Samaritans just did something that could help everyone restore a little faith back in humanity.

A young English Muslim woman named Ruhi Rahman boarded a train with her sister when a man approached them and began taunting them with Islamophobic and threatening comments. The man shouted, "Get out of this seat now, this is my country. You're bombing different countries and don't deserve to be here or in this country," Rahman detailed in a Facebook post.

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Ruhi Rahman

Can't believe what happened in the metro today. I was with my sister on the metro when this guy approached us and...

Posted by Ruhi Rahman on Saturday, November 21, 2015

But even before she got a chance to gather herself and react, a fellow passenger—whom she did not know—came to her defense. Soon, other passengers joined in and together, were able to kick the man off the train.

"It was so sweet to see how everyone got the man off and then clapped at the end. It really shows me how this world is full of such sweet people and some dogs too. The woman beside me started to cry because she was so disgusted with his comments and she said no one should go through this and everyone also gave me a hug. It made me smile and appreciate how lovely they all were. I hope more people cannot be so narrow minded and realise how Islam should not be blamed for an individual's act because Islam stands for peace and not terrorism."

According to Elite Daily, police are still investigating the incident.

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Following the terror attacks in Paris, Islamophobia has skyrocketed around the world, especially within the U.S.

American political leaders continue to voice their opposition to accepting Syrian refugees out of fear that the move would make way for terrorists. GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has been especially vocal about not welcoming refugees and remaining weary of Muslims, proposing that he would be in favor of implementing a database system that would track Muslims and force them to register. His comments have sparked controversy across party lines but not enough to remove the anti-islamic and refugee sentiment from the minds of Americans.

On Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to limit the number of Syrian refugees in the country, a move in which some applauded and President Obama greatly criticized.

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Update: This story originally said she knew the woman who came to her defense, she did not know the woman. The article has been corrected to reflect this change.