People Are Calling out ISIS on YouTube

November 25th 2015

Thor Benson

Most people know ISIS is very good with social media. Their videos of beheadings and other brutal killings, as well as the threats they've recorded, are all over the internet. Since the group came into the national conscience, a movement has slowly been building as Americans are recording their own statements directed at ISIS.

One such video went viral last week when a young woman in Colorado named Emily Longworth told ISIS what she thinks of them.

"I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate you on your graduation from the level of scum to the peak of pusillanimous maggots," she says to ISIS in the beginning of the video. She goes on to talk about how the world is focusing on ISIS and the innocent people they have slaughtered. She points out that Christians committed similar atrocities many years ago, but she says she will not stand for what ISIS is doing now, partially because she says she strongly believes in American values.

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Other similar videos have gone viral before it. A medal of honor recipient and Marine Corps. veteran named Dakota Meyer posted a video like this earlier in the month. After making the video, Fox News brought him on to talk about his hate for ISIS.

Meyer said he and other Americans are armed and will be ready for ISIS if they come to the U.S.

One particularly entertaining video that has more than 50,000 views from August of last year features "Detroit Street Watchers" activist/founder named Walter Gildersleeve A.K.A. BATMAN300"DSW. Gildersleeve proclaims ISIS is a group of "punks" and says he believes in God and the Second Amendment. He also says Americans are ready to defeat ISIS if they come to America. "The Batman has spoken!" he proclaims, referring to his apparent nickname. "And you do not want to piss off the Batman!"

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Though there doesn't seem to be a list of videos where ISIS members are responding to these angry videos calling them out for what they have done, there is at least one video where a man with the screen name "Hiberian Son" says he's received a response from someone allegedly associated with ISIS. He had already done one "message to ISIS" video and explains what this person responded with in his second video (embed disabled).

The person who responded to Hiberian Son's first video said the heads of Americans ISIS has killed have been fed to dogs and that ISIS will come to America and our blonde women will be their "war booty." There's really no way to verify if this actually happened.

As New York Magazine pointed out, many Americans are obviously using Twitter to express their distaste for ISIS. The #FuckISIS tag is pretty popular, and even comedian Aasif Mandvi of The Daily Show has used it.

All of this shows social media has changed the way wars and uprisings operate in a way never before seen. Americans who hated Hitler couldn't exactly send out a message that any Nazi could access, but now that ability is here for current battles.

Whether or not ISIS takes these videos seriously or knows about them remains to be seen, but it seems that many Americans at least want to try and tell them what they think of them. Americans who make these videos can at least say they're on the record as being anti-ISIS, regardless of if that's an astonishing statement or not.

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