Read The Signs That Yale Law Students Are Holding With Messages To Their Unborn Children...

December 14th 2014

ATTN: Staff

Last week, a grand jury in New York failed to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the chokehold death of Eric Garner. A little more than a week before that, another grand jury in Missouri decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. This sparked widespread unrest across America, with protests almost daily since the decision in Ferguson, highlighting the pervasive belief that, as Jon Stewart said in a powerful monologue, "it is clear that we do not live in a post racial America." It showed up in the sports world as well, last week when St. Louis Rams players walked out with their hands up after the Ferguson ruling, and again on Saturday when Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose warmed up in a shirt that read "I Can't Breathe," referencing Garner's last words. 


The protests made it clear that, as much as we like to think it is a thing of the past, racial inequality and discrimination are still very much real. And one group of students chose a powerful way to present that to the world. 

Members of the Yale College Black Men's Union, a student group at Yale Law School, took to the internet with messages to their children, showing lessons that they would have to teach their unborn sons as young black men in America.