Harvard Is Outraged over What Just Happened to These Photos

November 19th 2015

Diana Crandall

Students at Harvard Law School (HLS) are condemning an apparent hate crime. The hallways of HLS are lined with portraits of tenured professors, and this morning students discovered that Black professors had their portraits defaced with pieces of black tape.

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The act comes just a day after anti-racism activists organized a walkout on campus. Students left class and gathered in a public plaza along with Harvard University officials, the Harvard Crimson reports, to rally in support of Black student activists who have protested on other campuses nationwide.

The act “wasn’t done by an ally. It wasn’t in support of Black students and Black professors,” Leland Shelton, the president of the Black Law Students Association, told ThinkProgress.

Below, see how students, professors and the university reacted to the news on Twitter.

To counteract the hatred, some students decided to replace the tape with positive notes instead.

The current first year class at HLS is made up of 44 percent students of color, according to Harvard’s website demographics. They will complete their degrees in 2018.

Harvard University police are conducting an “active and ongoing” investigation, according to Vanity Fair.

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