Apps That Can Make You Money

November 23rd 2015

Diana Crandall

In this economy, everybody needs a few extra bucks. Fortunately, the rise of the digital age means making money is easier than ever.

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If you’ve ever used Uber, you understand the concept of using an app and getting paid through it. The ride service is far from the only — or even the first — app that gives you the ability to make money. Here are five apps you can easily download to make a little extra in your spare time.

1. Go to the store and get paid for it


Rewardable markets itself as a “get paid to shop” application. You can sign up for a task such as checking inventory at a store or comparing prices between two stores. Use your phone to record and submit the information to the app. When you’re done, you can add up the money and cash out. This is available for Android and iOS users.

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2. Set an ad as your phone background


Slidejoy installs an ad as the lock screen on your phone. It doesn’t matter if you ignore it or buy the product it’s selling: You earn the same amount every time you unlock your phone. Users usually take home between $5 and $15 a month, according to Business Insider. Sadly for iPhone users, this is currently only available for Android phones.

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3. Work out and get paid

Pact App

Pact advertises itself as an app that helps you set and meet your fitness goals. It’s broken down into three categories: gym pact, veggie pact, food logging pact. You can commit to as many as you want. Depending on how much you commit to and engage, you can take up to $5 home per week. But if you break your word, you can be charged for it. Available for both Google Play and iOS users.

4. Watch trailers

App Trailers

If you love movies, this might be for you. App Trailers shows you 30-second film trailers or engages you with specific apps. The longer you engage, the more points you accumulate. You can cash out the points in the form of gift cards or money in your PayPal account.

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5. Take surveys, browse the Internet, play games

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars markets itself as an app that will reward you for your online activities. You can take surveys, search the web, shop online, play games, or redeem grocery coupons. Inbox Dollars will pay you for them. When you reach $30, you can cash out. The app is available on iOS and Android, but you actually can just go directly to their website to participate.

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