The New Charlie Hebdo Cover is Basically a Huge Middle Finger to ISIS

November 17th 2015

Taylor Bell

Following the recent terror attacks on Paris, the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo finally unveiled their highly anticipated magazine cover.

According to NBC, the cover features the slogan, "They have weapons. F*** them! We have Champagne." Next to the slogan is pictured a man indulgently drinking champagne as it pours out from, what it appears to be, multiple bullet holes in his body,

Charlie Hebdo magazine cover

This comes just four days after 129 people died in one of the worst demonstrations of violence in France since World World II.

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The publication, which is known for their controversial magazine covers, was the victim of terror attacks in January; it was targeted due to the long history of publishing provocative caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Twelve people, including four prominent cartoonists, died from those attacks, according to the Huffington Post.

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But even after the attacks, Charlie Hebdo continued to publish.

Just days after the shooting that took place at their publication's office, the magazine printed yet another cover featuring the Prophet Muhammad. This time depicting the prophet holding up a sign that read, "Je suis Charlie," or "I am Charlie," CNN reports. "Je suis Charlie" was an expression that many people came to use to show solidarity for those affected by the shooting at Charile Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo magazine cover

The magazine hits stores Wednesday.