The Worst Jokes the Internet Has Already Made About Charlie Sheen's HIV Diagnosis

November 16th 2015

Omri Rolan

The internet is buzzing with news that Charlie Sheen is set to make a major announcement on the “TODAY” show host Matt Lauer Tuesday morning.

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Rumors are widely circulating that the controversial Hollywood legend will reveal that he is HIV-positive.

Charlie Sheen

It’s a day before Sheen's reported interview and he has not said a single word on the matter, however the internet is already ripping him apart, shaming him for his lifestyle, and capitalizing on his misfortune for cheap laughs.

Sheen tweet

Whether your personal opinion is that Charlie Sheen "was asking" for trouble or not there are serious dangers to publicly shaming someone for being upfront about their diagnosis. Open and honest conversation about HIV is the most effective way for HIV-positive people to receive the best information and support necessary to live full lives under the diagnosis. Open communication is also the best way for HIV-negative people to remain HIV free.

Studies have proven that talking about HIV and AIDS leads to increased condom use, testing, and effective prevention; therefore resulting in fewer infections.

While a gross amount of people are ragging on Sheen's diagnosis, the news is causing others to reassess their treatment of the polarizing actor. Comedian Margaret Cho has even reached out via Twitter.

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