France Carries Out Major Airstrikes Against ISIS

November 15th 2015

Laura Donovan

Following the series of attacks in Paris on Friday that left at least 129 dead, the French Ministry of Defense has announced what is being called a "major bombardment" of the Islamic State (also known as ISIL and ISIS), which claimed responsibility for the attacks.


CNN reports that French fighter jets have bombed several ISIS sites in Raqqa, which has been described as the ISIS capital. Mickael Soria, press adviser for France's defense minister, said that the jets successfully targeted a recruitment center, a command center, an ammunition storage base, and a training camp for members of ISIS. Soria added that twelve aircraft were involved in the bombardment and that all 20 bombs that were dropped destroyed the four targets.

In a statement about Friday's killings, which became the deadliest acts in recent French history, French President Francois Hollande said the attacks marked "an act of war" and that his country had been "attacked in a cowardly shameful and violent way."

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"So France will be merciless in its response to the Islamic State militants," Hollande said. "[We will] use all means within the law.. on every battleground here and abroad together with our allies."


BREAKING: At Least 26 Dead in Attacks Across Paris

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On Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama showed support for France after the attacks:


Pres. Obama just responded to the horrific attacks in Paris.

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"We've seen outrageous attempts to terrorize innocent civilians," President Obama said during a Friday press conference. "It is not just an attack on Paris; it is an attack on humanity. France is our oldest ally. We want to be clear that we stand with France against terrorism. We have been in contact with French official to communicate our the deep condolences. We have offered a full support to them."