Paris Attacks Ignite Islamophobic Conversations Online

November 14th 2015

Diana Crandall

A series of deadly attacks across Paris on Friday night killed more than 150 people, CNN reported. It is the deadliest violence France has seen in decades, and it has raised questions over whether the attack is linked to terrorism.

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Though no one has yet claimed responsibility for these attacks, conversations about the events are currently dominating social media, sparking hashtags such as #PrayForParis and #Muslims. “Terrorism has no religion” is also trending on Twitter, highlighting the Islamophobia that has cropped up in recent years following acts of terror carried out by Islamic extremists.

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Islamophobia is pervasive in France, CNN reported. One example is the 2010 ruling in France that banned veils covering the face, including the burqa, which is a full-body covering worn by some Muslim women. A public opinion poll conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that French people supported the ban "by a margin of four to one."

More than one billion people in the world practice Islam, making up more than 23 percent of the global population, according to the Pew Research Center. As the fastest growing religion in the world, Pew estimates that by 2050, Islam will likely surpass Christianity as the world’s largest religious group.

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