Pres. Obama Responds to the Horrific Paris Attacks

November 13th 2015

Taylor Bell

President Obama spoke on Friday, November 13, following multiple attacks in Paris, which left at least 60 dead and 100 held hostage.

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Pres. Obama just responded to the horrific attacks in Paris.

Posted by ATTN: on Friday, November 13, 2015

"We've seen outrageous attempts to terrorize innocent civilians. It is not just an attack on Paris; it is an attack on humanity," the President stated. "France is our oldest ally. We want to be clear that we stand with France against terrorism. We have been in contact with French official to communicate our the deep condolences. We have offered a full support to them."

"Those that think they can terrorist the people of France and the values that they stand or are wrong," President Obama continued.

The President cautioned that we should not draw conclusions on who is behind the attack. "We don't want to make any speculation about who is responsible," he stated.



BREAKING: At Least 26 Dead in Attacks Across Paris

Posted by ATTN: on Friday, November 13, 2015


At least 60 people are dead after multiple attacks broke out across Paris, according to CNN.

While information about the motive behind the attacks is not yet known, authorities have shut down parts of the city, including a soccer stadium, where there were reports of a explosions.

French president François Hollande was in attendance at the Stade de France during the time of the explosion, CNN reported. He was safely escorted from the stadium, which was placed on lockdown. 

The first attack reportedly took place at the French restaurant Petit Cambodge.

There are also around 100 people being held hostage at Bataclan, a theater where the band Eagles of Death Metal was playing.

In a recent address to the country, President Hollande declared a state of emergency, and in what some are calling an "unprecedented" move, Hollande announced he is closing the borders.