One Woman Found a Brilliant Loophole for Instagram's Nipple Censorship

November 13th 2015

Laura Donovan

In response to Instagram's double standard against female nipples, artist Esmay Wagemans created a series of work by covering up nipples using nipple casts made from latex. So while the nipples in her photo series are technically covered up, the latex is transparent. Wagemans says this is a way for female Instagram users to show their nipples without actually violating the app's nipple policy, which allows men to share photos of their nipples but not women.

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A photo posted by @esmaywagemans on


A photo posted by @esmaywagemans on

Wagemans told The Creators Project that she hopes to help end the taboo surrounding female nudity on the platform:

"I myself don’t think nudity should be such a taboo, because it feeds objectification. Look, if you’re not portraying breasts in an erotic or pornographic way, I think everyone should be able to see them, even children. By withholding those kinds of 'normal' nudes from young teenagers, you’re still presenting the female body as something sexual. That’s simply not beneficial for anyone."


A photo posted by @esmaywagemans on

Wagemans joins a large movement of people who are challenging Instagram's policy toward female nipples. The #FreetheNipple movement has been popular on social media for a while, with many big name celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus showing support for it.

Model Chrissy Teigen has also been a powerful force behind the message of #FreetheNipple and managed to get around the policy in a clever manner as well. This year, Instagram removed one of her topless magazine photoshoot images and she responded by sharing this photo, which hides her nipple but still reveals a lot of her breast:

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Teigen recently told Mashable that she has gotten involved in the #FreetheNipple movement to further point out the sexist double standards towards female nipples on Instagram.

"The fact that I have to censor myself from my photo at all when there are full-on porn being shot across Twitter and Instagram every day is crazy," Teigen said. "But women are beautiful and if it's a beautiful photo that isn't vulgar, then who cares?"

Where Do You Stand on the Free the Nipple Controversy?

Where do you stand on the Free The Nipple controversy?http://bit.ly/1TMmUcF

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