Here's Why Ronda Rousey Feels the Bern

November 10th 2015

Omri Rolan

It’s safe to say undefeated UFC champ Ronda Rousey certainly knows a thing or two about mixed martial arts.

And as it turns out, she’s just as certain of which presidential candidate she’ll be checking off at the ballot box—Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

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In an exclusive with Maxim, Rousey put her bantam-weight behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s biggest competition for the Democratic nomination.

Rousey says she’s impressed with the way Sanders has raised money for his campaign.

"I’m voting for Bernie Sanders, because he doesn’t take any corporate money. I don’t think politicians should be allowed to take money for their campaigns from outside interests.”

Sanders has made it a point to raise campaign money through grassroots support, capping individual donations off at a maximum of $2,700, instead of super PACs.

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And if Sander's doesn't win the nomination the bantamweight belt holder won't be backing Clinton.

"If he doesn’t win against Hillary, then I’ll probably vote for a third party again. To be honest, in 2012 I was against both candidates and so I just picked any third party because I thought if more people voted for third parties then they’d have to take third parties seriously.”

So which third party candidate did Rousey vote for in 2012?

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr.

I’ll present that without comment.

Unimpressed with the two party system, it’s highly unlikely that Rhonda would back a Democrat other than Sanders. But what about a Republican? After all, all according to Donald Trump, the two are close friends.

So how does Ronda feel about a "President Trump?"