University of Missouri President Resigns After Protests

November 9th 2015

Diana Crandall

The Associated Press is reporting that the University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe has resigned after faculty groups and students at the school, including more than 30 Black football players, called for him to step down. Students and activists argued that Wolfe inadequately handled blatant acts of racism that occurred on campus.

Wolfe held the press conference on Nov. 9, two days after Mizzou football players announced that they would be going on strike. He announced his resignation as "the university’s governing board met in Columbia, the centerpiece of the four-campus system," the New York Times reported.

On Sunday, in a key moment, head football coach Gary Pinkel announced his support for the players in a tweet.

USA Today reports that the most recent incident of racism occurred on Oct. 24 when a swastika was drawn with human feces on the wall of a dorm. On Oct. 5, racial slurs were thrown at a group of students by an intoxicated person.

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Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce live-tweeted from Wolfe's resignation.

After these acts of racism, students began protesting on campus, calling for Wolfe to step down.

Last week, a graduate student named Jonathan Butler announced that he was planning on going on a hunger strike until Wolfe stepped down or was fired, according to the Washington Post. He posted the following after Wolfe's resignation.

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"[I]t’s worth sacrificing something of this grave amount, because I’m already not wanted here. I’m already not treated like I’m a human,” Butler told the Washington Post.

The University of Missouri is about two hours west of Ferguson, Missouri, where protests and riots over the shooting of Michael Brown drew international attention and fueled a conversation about systemic racism and police brutality in America. Watch Wolfe's resignation below: