This Comedian Gives Zero F**ks About Your Instagram Thinspiration

November 3rd 2015

Laura Donovan

Standup comedian Bella Younger has responded to healthy eating and #Thinspo Instagram posts by creating Deliciously Stella, a hilarious Instagram page that celebrates cravings, carbs, and unhealthy foods.

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On the surface, it might seem odd to call out healthy living photos on social media, but Younger isn't condemning good habits. Rather, she is trying to show that most people distort their lives to only show their best selves on social media.

Deliciously Stella, which has more than 72,000 followers, is also important because many healthy eating and living hashtags such as #Thinspo have come under fire in the past for perpetuating eating disorders and self-esteem issues. Earlier this year, 17-year-old India Edmonds revealed that she developed anorexia after comparing herself to thin celebrities on social media for several years. Edmonds, unfortunately, is far from the only person to develop an eating disorder after obsessing over #Thinspo posts.

As Younger told the New York Daily News, Deliciously Stella is a response to that.

“I went on Instagram and everyone seemed to be doing yoga on a beach or eating vegetables masquerading as desserts. I'm not saying I don't like to look nice in photos - I do. But I also want to have fun, not stand in a mirror trying to get an angle on my abs.”

She added that it's unfortunate that posting makeup-free Instagram posts has become "brave."

“I don't know how we got to a place where taking a photo of yourself without make-up is #brave."

"My lifestyle isn't for everyone and #eatingclean all the time can be hard to sustain," Younger wrote on Instagram over the weekend. "Especially when you're hungover from Halloween. That's why after big weekends I like to eat delicious pizza in the bath. This way I can carb load AND wash the shame away. have a bubbly day everyone!"

"I've got a busy day today so I'm staying energised with a much needed vitamin blast from starburst," she wrote. "Every flavour is bursting with fruit juice and essential nutrients. I'm already into my second pack! Have a fruity day everyone!"

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"One of my favourite things about France is how seriously they take their bread," she wrote. "It's like they don't think gluten is dangerous unless you're actually a coeliac! Well - you know what they say 'no pain no gain.' Have a wheatiful day everyone!"

Younger has been met with a lot of praise for her candor on social media:

Deliciously Stella

Deliciously Stella

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