One Vine Reveals Why School Dress Codes Have Gone Too Far

November 3rd 2015

Omri Rolan

Like clockwork, almost exactly one year ago, Vine star Thomas Sanders posted a six-second Vine that perfectly sums up the defective and sexist way our schools' administrative systems discipline kids in schools.

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Often, administrators value disciplining students over dress code as opposed to focusing on deescalating violence on school campuses.

In the 364 days after the Vine was posted, it seems like things have not gotten any better. In fact, they seem to be getting worse.

Now, even student body presidents are getting sent home for dress code violations.

ICYMI: 17-year-old Carey Burgess took to Instagram last week after an administrator at Beaufort High School in South Carolina sent her home for wearing skirt that was supposedly too short.


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And while schools are focused on taking out serious criminals like Carey Burgess, it seems like they just can't find the time to deal with the issue of violence in the classroom.

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Practically every week there's a new story making headlines about unnecessary roughness in schools. Recently, there have been many questions about the growing presence of police officers on school campuses.

Violence in schools

In almost all of these cases, the measures taken are reactionary. What this Vine from a year ago proves is that reacting to a situation is not enough to prevent another one from happening. Schools need to take precautionary measures and instate effective, preventative systems for the escalation of school violence to subside.

Step one might be to shift the disciplinary focus from handing out dress code violations to something a little more meaningful.

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