This Comedian Destroys All Justification for the Cop That Slammed Student

November 2nd 2015

Diana Crandall

On October 26, a student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, was grabbed by school resource officer Ben Fields, flipped over while sitting at her desk, and then dragged across the classroom floor, and told to put her hands behind her back, for reportedly being disruptive.

American comedian Matt Gubser, who has performed both domestically and abroad, had a few comments to add to the discussion.

Matt Gubser Police Brutality Meme

“This whole Spring Valley situation, with the police officer throwing a high school student around, all comes down to bad parenting," Gubser said. "If parents don’t step up, take responsibility, and teach their children proper respect, there’s a good chance your children will grow up to assault teenage girls."

Gubser also posted an apt takedown of the hashtag #AllLivesMatter:

Response to the video of Spring Valley High School.

The video of the Spring Valley High School scene is furthering an existing national conversation about appropriate police behavior. ATTN: notes that many people have drawn parallels between this incident and other recent encounters of police aggressively interacting with high school students.

BREAKING: Disturbing new video of a police officer using force...

BREAKING: Disturbing new video of a police officer using force against a student in South Carolina.More details here: http://bit.ly/1GvwGtN

Posted by ATTN: on Monday, October 26, 2015

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In June, ATTN: reported that an officer in McKinney, Texas, was forced to resign after video showed him throwing a 15-year-old Black girl on the ground and aiming his gun at two unarmed teens during a pool party. In October, an officer was filmed grabbing a high school student by the throat and slamming him to the ground at Round Rock High School in Texas.

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According to statements made at a local press conference by Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, Fields has since been fired. However, as the unsettling trend continues, it's unclear how many more incidents like this have to occur before reform is enacted to protect both the lives of police officers and people they interact with.