Bill Maher Blames Political Correctness for Ruining Halloween

October 31st 2015

Kyle Jaeger

Bill Maher took issue with the "P.C. police" on Friday night's episode of "Real Time" on HBO, calling for the return of politically incorrect costumes on Halloween. He complained that people express fake outrage over issues of cultural insensitivity all year long and said that Halloween should be the "one day where going too far isn't just okay, it's celebrated."

ATTN: has reported on controversies over costumes that appear to appropriate cultures or trivialize suffering, but Maher suggested that Halloween is meant "to be bad" and that it doesn't really matter if people dress up like other cultural groups such as Native Americans. (He pointed to his own example, a photoshopped photo of himself wearing a "Poc-a-hot-ass" costume, referring to Pocahontas).

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Maher accused the liberal media of bolstering controversies over inappropriate costumes in an effort to feel better about themselves—to scold others as a "substitute for actually doing something."

"And here's the thing, reasonable people see self-righteous liberal busybodies trying to leech the fun out of everything and they say, 'Fuck, I'm going to vote Republican because I just can't stand being on the same team as these humorless jackoffs," Maher continued. "Speaking of whom, the costume they have been wringing their hands over since August, is the Caitlyn Jenner. What message does it send? None. It doesn’t send any message, except, if this guy is transitioning, he’s got a long way to go."

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