Benedict Cumberbatch Tells Theatergoers to “F**k The Politicians”

October 30th 2015

Omri Rolan

Benedict Cumberbatch... AKA Khan... AKA Sherlock... AKA Hamlet in the Barbican Theatre's current adaptation in London... called on his audience last night to “Fuck The Politicians!”

America's favorite British thespian has been using his nightly platform on the West End to raise money for Syrian refugees.

Every night, after bows, Cumberbatch asks the audience for a moment of their time and explicates on the current Syrian refugee crisis—then asking his fans to donate to the 'Save the Children' foundation. Efforts are paying off, as The Guardian reports,  Hamlet audiences have raised over £150,000 to date.

But who wouldn't feel moved to dig into their pockets when faced with such jarring statistics?


The excerpts above are from Benedict Cumberbatch's performance on October 12th.

But while Cumberbatch's audiences and fellow cast members have learned to expect criticism of the country's handling of the refugee crisis, they were probably not expecting his powerful addition last night:

  “Fuck The Politicians!”

The Hamlet actor also closes each performance with a reading of “Home,” a poem by Warsan Shire, a Somali-British poet.

you have to understand,
that no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land


To learn more about the refugee crisis, check out ATTN:'s video:

The refugee crisis is getting out of control.

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