All The Times Matt McGorry Stood Up to All Lives Matter

October 30th 2015

Laura Donovan

"Orange is the New Black" star Matt McGorry is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is he a tireless feminist who helped with Amber Rose's SlutWalk efforts, but he has also stood up for racial justice many times. Celebrity activism is important because people like McGorry have large followings and the power to spread awareness on social issues.

Through anecdotes, stories, and pictures of himself meeting with fellow activists, McGorry has never been afraid to inform his 380,000 Twitter followers about the importance of equality, and he has also shown his support for racial justice rallies even when he couldn't attend them himself.

Here are all of the times McGorry challenged "all lives matter," and stood up for the Black Lives Matter movement.

1. Matt McGorry posts a SlutWalk retweet about police interactions with the Black community

Matt McGorry Facebook

"THIS. Absolutely, 100% THIS," McGorry wrote of this tweet. "Few things have been more 'THIS.' And if you believe in gender equality, I certainly hope the other part makes sense to you too. Double re-post...got it from @amberrose in her prep for @slutwalk_la #BlackLivesMatter"

He also had a powerful response to a commenter who posed this typical question to the Black Lives Matter movement: don't all lives matter?

Matt McGorry Facebook

2. Matt McGorry remembers Eric Garner

After the one-year anniversary of Eric Garner's death in July, McGorry, a New York native, posted several tweets and a long Facebook post in defense of Black Lives Matter. He said that the problem with "all lives matter" is that it takes away from the work Black Lives Matter has done to promote racial equality:



Or as some #BlackLivesMatter activists say, it's like going to an AIDS walk and shouting "All Diseases Matter!" Some...

Posted by Matt McGorry on Saturday, July 18, 2015


"[I]t's like going to an AIDS walk and shouting 'All Diseases Matter!'" he wrote. "Some people think they are being more inclusive by saying #AllLivesMatter in response to #BlackLivesMatter but in reality, they're (un)consciously undermining the purpose of the movement. Because this PARTICULAR movement is about SPECIFIC issues, as any decently effective movement is. You can't just have a protest for 'Make Everything In The World Better!'"

He also observed that he has never met an "all lives matter" advocate who fights for racial justice and acknowledged his privileged position as a white male:

3. Matt McGorry calls for an auto-responder that corrects "all lives matter"

Remember when that Twitter bot made news for correcting people who called Caitlyn Jenner a man? McGorry wants the same thing for "all lives matter" tweets:

McGorry has also spent time with well-known Black Lives Matter activist, DeRay Mckesson and activist and "Grey's Anatomy" actor Jesse Williams



An honor. Talking about things that matter. #blacklivesmatter Jesse Williams DeRay Mckesson

Posted by Matt McGorry on Wednesday, October 28, 2015




"We will win" - DeRay Mckesson ✊? #BlackLivesMatterJesse Williamss

Posted by Matt McGorry on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


4. Matt McGorry condemns the assault at Spring Valley High School

After a footage surfaced online of a cop assaulting a female student at Spring Valley High School, McGorry took to social media to show his outrage over the incident:

5. Matt McGorry calls out the criminal justice system for its treatment of minorities



Wish I could be in NYC for #RiseUpOctober Much love to all of you who are there to protest our criminal (in)justice...

Posted by Matt McGorry on Saturday, October 24, 2015


"Wish I could be in NYC for #RiseUpOctober," McGorry wrote last week. "Much love to all of you who are there to protest our criminal (in)justice system and the systemic racism that disproportionately targets our black and brown brothers and sisters. #BlackLivesMatter"

6. McGorry highlights what people really mean when they dismiss racial injustice