Nine Pumpkins You Wish Were President

October 27th 2015

Diana Crandall

This Halloween, Republican and Democratic presidential candidates were mercilessly carved and painted onto pumpkins—especially Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who has inspired thousands of #Trumpkins across America.

But Trump isn't the only one who has been immortalized in orange. Here are nine of the best political pumpkins circulating online.

1. Trump and Clinton

Here, the Democratic and Republican front-runners sit side-by-side.

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2. Make America Great Again

Nice hat!

3. Trump, Clinton and Sanders together

Is this a first?

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4. Palin and Clinton



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5. The Super-Sized #Trumpkin 

Jeanette Paras of Dublin, Ohio, has "pumpkin-ized" major political and cultural figures for almost 30 years.

Trumpkin in Ohio

Trump was no exception.

6. Vote for #Trumpkin

Carve your vote into his side.


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7. 'Hilloween Clinton'

It's not a pumpkin, but Hillary Clinton's campaign actually released a list of Hillary Clinton DIY costumes for anyone who hasn't thought of a one yet.

DIY Hillary Clinton costume

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8. #Trumpkin stands tall


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9. Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders Pumpkin

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But no matter where your political affiliations lie, one thing is clear. 


Vanilla and allspice and pumpkin spice roasted pumpkin seeds ?? #pumpkin #fall #spices

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On the inside, they're all the same.

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