Daniel Craig Calls James Bond a Misogynist

October 23rd 2015

Omri Rolan

In an interview with the Red Bulletin, James Bond actor Daniel Craig addresses the sexist way the world's most famous spy treats women.

Commenting on the admiration many men have for Bond's near criminal record with the ladies, Craig notes:

"But let’s not forget that he’s actually a misogynist."

Having played Bond in four films, Craig reflects that bond has become slightly more chivalrous as the films have become more female friendly.

"We’ve surrounded him with very strong women who have no problem putting him in his place."

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James Bond Spectre still

The James Bond franchise is frequently criticized for being behind the times.

Even as Bond girls are allotted more substance than villainous temptresses and damsels in distress, there is still a blaring lack of racial diversity in the film's repertoire.

Furthermore, the character of James Bond has only been featured on film as a white male. As rumors circulate that "Spectre" will be Craig's last turn as Bond, audiences are clamoring for a chance to see the iconic Bond role portrayed by a Black actor, specifically Idris Elba.

In August, the Guardian reported that Selma actor David Oyelowo will voice Bond in the upcoming audiobook, "Trigger Mortis."