Ever Guess What it's Like to Experience Thanksgiving on Food Stamps?

December 1st 2014

ATTN: Staff

This Thanksgiving, it's important to remember the more than 40 million Americans who live on food stamps, often subsisting on less than $2.00 per meal. Meanwhile, the average Thanksgiving dinner for a family of ten costs $50 and a standard 16-pound turkey costs more than $26. So, it would take 10 people using each of their food stamps to pay for that one turkey. And that does not include stuffing, cranberry sauce, or pumpkin pie. Watch this quick video for a recap:


It's worth noting that families in need will also seek charitable assistance. Often, these families are not among the unemployed. Oxfam America found that more than half of households seeking charitable food assistance in the past year include at least one person with a job.

In the midst of these numbers, Congress last year cut benefits for food stamp recipients, lowering the amount they could depend on each month. For many families, food stamps is an important bridge that keeps them above hunger levels. Join us in asking Congress to restore food stamp benefits and continue to look for ways to help people in need during this holiday season. You can contact your congressional member here

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